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The brand new Koala Silver Series Dolly is an entirely new redesign of our previous K100 Koala Dolly. Perfect for our clients with more basic needs is this upgraded 2-Wheel Steer, Ground Operation unit.


Our completely upgraded system was reworked from the ground up starting with the body which is comprised of fully CNC'd weight-reliefed aluminum plates for a more robust, yet lightweight build. Topped off with our signature vibration-dampening rubber top, you will still get a comfortable and clean ride.


The Koala Silver Series is a 2-Wheel Steer mode dolly for super easy dolly operation while bringing your dolly and equipment to and from location or in larger studios. Want to throw it on track? The Koala Dolly can be accomodated by third-party sleds for an industry-standard track. If most of your work includes track, check out our Koala Black Series Dolly


Ready to Accessorize? You will find multiple threaded 3/8-16 holes in the dolly deck for mounting to your hearts content, including a more discrete solution in the center deck for securing tripods and mounting bazookas and more.


$2,299.00 Regular Price
$1,999.00Sale Price
  • Features

    • 2-Wheel Steer

    • Ground Operation

    • Multiple Mounting Holes in Deck for Accessories

    •Non-Pneumatic Wheels

    • Fully CNC'd from Weight Reliefed Aluminum Plates

    • Vibration Dampening Rubber Top

  • What's in the Box?

    • Koala Silver Series Dolly

    • Steering T-Bar

    • Standard Seat 

    • 4 Non-Pneumatic Wheels

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