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The brand new Koala Black Series Dolly is an entirely new redesign of our previous K200 Koala Dolly. Perfect for our clients with serious needs, this dolly delivers a huge punch in a very small package.


Our completely upgraded system was reworked from the ground up starting with the body which is comprised of fully CNC'd weight-reliefed aluminum plates for a more robust, yet lightweight build. Topped off with our signature vibration-dampening rubber top, you will get a comfortable and clean ride.


The Koala Black Series has a new Steering Mode system which allows you to discreetly change between 3 different Steering Modes, all with no tools. 4-Wheel Steer Mode engages all four wheels for the tightest turn radius possible and maximum manueverability for small spaces. 2-Wheel Steer Mode locks the rear axle in place and engages only the front axles for super easy dolly operation while bringing your dolly and equipment to and from location or in larger studios. Track Mode lets the front and rear axles operature individually from one another to accommodate a variety of different track setups. Simply use the selector switch to choose your mode, and the dolly will do the rest for you.


Brand new to the Koala Black Series is also our integrated track-wheel system. Located on the forward and rear axles to create maximum stability are the completely redesigned Track Wheels which are now harder and smoother than ever before. And with the new Integrated Steering, simply switch to "Track Mode" so the all your forward and rear wheels operate individually to accommodate virtually any track circle radius as well as move from straight to curved track with no hiccups.


Ready to Accessorize? You will find multiple threaded 3/8-16 holes in the dolly deck for mounting to your heart's content, including a more discrete solution in the center deck for securing tripods and mounting bazookas and more.


And as a bonus, enjoy the new Adjustable Offset Seat which gives your small deck space maximum versatiliy. Arrange your rider comfortably around your camera setups without sacrificing space. Simply offset the rider weight if you choose to operate outside of the dolly deck and you are good to go.


$4,799.00 Regular Price
$3,999.00Sale Price
  • Features

    • 3 Steering Modes: 4-Wheel, 2-Wheel, Track Mode

    • Integrated Track Wheels

    • New Adjustable Offset Seat for Maximum Versatility 

    • Multiple Mounting Holes in Deck for Accessories

    •Non-Pneumatic Wheels

    • Fully CNC'd from Weight Reliefed Aluminum Plates

    • Vibration Dampening Rubber Top

  • What's in the Box?

    • Koala Black Series Dolly

    • Steering T-Bar

    • Pushbar (not shown)

    • New Integrated Track Wheels

    • Adjustable Offset Seat

    • 4 Non-Pneumatic, Solid-Fill Wheels

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