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Black Bear Dolly D100
Our flagship hybrid doorway and track dolly which features elements transcendent of the traditional doorway dolly design.  Perfect for independent filmmakers, large studios, and everything in between.

Black Bear Dolly D100

  • Details

    Large and in Charge.

    The Black Bear Dolly D100 is our full-size camera dolly that can equip up to two riders and large camera setups with a total load capacity of up to 900 pounds.  With solid rubber wheels, you will never encounter pesky PSI checks or have to deal with flat tires.  The ultra-durable black diamond plate rubber top gives you a vibration-dampening edge as well as an easy to clean, rugged surface.

    Manageable.  Really.

    Weight will never be an issue with the Black Bear Dolly D100.  Coming in at only 70 pounds, this unit is completely manageable for a small grip crew or even a one man circus.  The Black Bear Dolly D100 also has an easy plug-and-play ability where you can install any accessory with little to no tools or time.

    Create Your Own.

    Expandable with a variety of accessories, this unit can do it all.  Plug in the Track Wheels to give your dolly the ability to roll onto track without having to remove the ground wheels.  Install the Roundy Round Module to upgrade to four-wheel steer and tighten your turn radius.  Interface the Pushbar with the steering bar to set your steering radius for repeatable turns.  The Black Bear Mount drops into any of the deck holes to attach a variety of accessories to your dolly.  The Low Slung Mount attaches to the Black Bear Mount and gives you the ability to shoot from low angles.  Sideboards slide in to increase your deck width by 14".

  • Tech Specs

    Weight: 70 pounds
    Deck Dimensions: 26" wide x 56" long

  • In the Box

    In the Box: Dolly, Steering T-bar, Seat, 6 Ground Wheels

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