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4-Wheel Steer Module

Upgrade your two-wheel steer dolly to a four-wheel steer beast with this modular accessory.

4-Wheel Steer Module

  • Details

    Easy Add-On.


    Black Bear Studio Systems dollies are the only dollies in the world that can be added onto at any time to gain four-wheel steer turning abilities. Order with your dolly for it to arrive pre-installed, or upgrade later for an easy DIY.


    More Possibilities.


    Gain more control over all of your steering moves, maneuverability, and tigthen up your radius by an unprecedented amount. These are just some of the reasons that this is our customer's number one favorite accessory.

  • Tech Specs

    Weight: 20 pounds

    Compatibility: Koala and Black Bear Dollies

  • In the Box

    1 4-Wheel Steer Module 

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