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4' Track

Black Bear Studio Systems dolly Track is strong, lightweight and portable.  At nearly one third the weight of all other professional track, ours is clear choice.  

4' Track

  • Details

    Industry Standard.


    All of our track units are designed to industry standard specifications with rail width at 24.5" center-to-center.  




    Track folds together and is shipped in reusable, heavy-duty cardboard tubes which makes it easy for both transport and storage.  


    Easy to Use.


    Over-center latches flip open and hook to connected track, keeping track sections tight and unified.  Track connectors guide your track units together easily and provide you with a secure, vibration-free connection.

  • Tech Specs

    Weight: 12 pounds

    Finish: Brushed

  • In the Box

    1 4' Track Section

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